Classes for everyone

Orienteering is in principle an individual sport. In addition to the individual classes, we offer the Team Challenge. It is for teams of 2-3 running one course together (own map, race number, etc. for each). M | W indicates separate Men’s and Women’s classes. Maximum running distance per stage is 4.5 km.

Newcomers any age unisex
Team Challenge any age unisex
Kids non-competitive -12 years unisex
Youth 10-14 years M | W
Open 15+ years M | W
Elite 15+ years M | W
40+ 40-49 years M | W
50+ 50-59 years M | W
60+ 60-69 years M | W
70+ 70-100 years M | W

Sprint Relay Classes

A sprint relay team consists of 3 runners. Some legs are exclusive for a gender, but most are universal and definitely inclusive.

Mixed Elite Relay 3 runners per team: U + U + U
Minimum 1 woman and 1 man per team (free running order)
Mixed Youth Relay 3 runners per team: U + W + U
Maximum age 16 years (born 1995)
Mixed Veterans Relay 3 runners per team: U + W + U
Minimum age 45 years (born 1976)
Open Relay 3 runners per team: U + U + U
Unisex, any age
Vienna O Challenge Vienna Sprint Relay Vienna O Challenge


For Orienteering Newcomers

The course length is approximately 3 km. No matter the age or gender, everyone does the same course.

Team Challenge

Team up with friends

Teams of 2-3 orienteering together on one course: one map and race number for each team member, one chip, one result.


For Orienteers. For fun.

For all who do orienteering for fun, older than 15 years. Courses similar to 40+ age category. Separate Women's and Men's class.


Special thanks go to our partners for supporting the Vienna O Challenge 😊

University of Vienna